Global and Cultural Mental Health

Our Vision & Mission

The Global and Cultural Mental Health (GCMH) works to improve mental health and reduce mental illness in low-resource settings and among vulnerable populations in Australia and internationally. We strengthen leadership and build capacity in government and non-government sectors to develop mental health and social support services that are high quality, equitable and affordable, and that protect the human rights of people with mental illness.

About the Centre

The Centre is dedicated to research and systems development, learning and teaching, and engagement with key stakeholders in the field of mental health, both in Australia and the broader international community.

In its Australian programs, GCMH focuses on the development of effective mental health systems for a culturally and linguistically diverse society and on the strengthening of leadership for mental health system reform. The Centre’s transcultural mental health programs are run in close collaboration with the Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit.

Internationally, the Centre’s focus is on building capacity for mental health systems development in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC's) and post-conflict societies. GCMH is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health and Substance Abuse.


Within the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

GCMH staff and our colleagues in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health share these practical objectives:
  • Sustainable finances
  • Excellent, high impact population health research
  • Australian leadership in recruitment and outcomes for population health research higher degrees
  • Attracting, supporting and developing outstanding students 
  • Service to Victorian, national and international communities to  increase the capacity of population health
  • A socially inclusive, equitable and merit based approach to the recruitment and encouragement of staff
  • Quality management and administration within the School
  • A sustainable workforce led by visionary, influential, fair and flexible leaders.