Novi Poespita Candra

Supervisor: Associate Professor Harry Minas

Listening to the Voices of Children, Parents and Teachers about School-life: Towards Children's Wellbeing at School in Indonesia

The increase of number of children’s mental health problems as well as the low of academic achievement towards school age children in Indonesia (“Riset Kesehatan Dasar”, 2008)  force the need of primary schools to extend their role, not only for achieving academic aspect , but also for promoting children’s social –emotional well-being at school. Unfortunately, most of International literature and research in to school’s model which promote children’s well being were mostly western in nature and the resources are available in Indonesia perspective indigenously are very limited. 

Therefore, this project purposes to gain understanding of how parent, teachers and children conceptualized a school’s model which be able to promote children’s social and emotional well –being as well as gain understanding about what school is for, assess children’s school’s experience, identify the children’s well-being out come at school and also identify the obstacles and challenges might come in implementation the model in Indonesia context.

Exploratory Sequential Model in Mix method research design will be used in this research. In the phase 1 there will be 9 focus group discussions consist of 3 groups of  children, 3 groups of parents and 3 groups of teachers from public schools  and private schools (Islamic and non Islamic) in Yogyakarta city, Indonesia.  The FGD will be designed creatively, in order to encourage children, parents and teachers share their voice about their experience of school and idea about model of school which support children’s well-being.   In the phase 2, a survey questionnaire will be developed based on the result analysis of phase 1. Around 300 children, 300 parents and 165 teachers from 8 schools in Yogyakarta city, Indonesia will be selected using stratified random sampling method to be involved  in this survey.