Sutapa Howloader (currently on leave until July, 2013)


  • Associate Professor Harry Minas

  • Dr Ritsuko Kakuma

The socio-cultural determinants of mental health among women in post-conflict Sri Lanka

Women in Sri Lanka are faced with the highest rate of female suicide in the world.  The mental health of Sri Lankan women is particularly significant in the war ravaged north and east parts of the country where it is thought that deliberate self-harm (DSH) and suicide have increased substantially following the end of the conflict.  By determining the socio-cultural determinants of suicide and DSH amongst women in Sri Lanka this study will contribute to the development of effective prevention strategies to tackle this development issue within Sri Lanka.  The study will also shed light on the impact of conflict as a determinant of women’s mental health in post-conflict countries, contributing to the larger discourse on post-conflict mental health.