Global Mental Health: Principles and Practice 

Edited by Vikram Patel, Harry Minas, Alex Cohen, and Martin J. Prince

Official Book Launch

 Global Mental Health Book Launch

From L-R: Professor Terry Nolan, A/Professor Harry Minas, Professor Stephen Smith, and Professor Jane Fisher 

Global Mental Health: Principles and Practice was officially launched on 9 December 2013 at the University House at the Woodward Centre, University of Melbourne. The launch was attended by Professor Stephen Smith (Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne), Professor Terry Nolan (Head of School, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health), and A/Professor Harry Minas (Director, Global and Cultural Mental Health and Co-editor, Global Mental Health: Principles and Practice).



Global Mental Health Book CoverThe emergence of the discipline of global mental health as one of the most dynamic fields of global health underscores the need for this textbook for students of the discipline. Global mental health was cited by the NIMH Director in his 2012 year-ending blog as one of the major advances in mental health in 2012 and by one of the most influential figures in psychiatry and anthropology, Arthur Kleinman, as the exciting future of academic psychiatry (Br. J. Psychiatry, December 2012). 

The scope of the book is to cover two major aspects of the field: its scientific foundations and its practice, and it opens with an original account charting the history of the field from antiquity to its most recent developments. The language and content is geared towards a wide audience of practitioners and students of global mental health, including those who do not have any previous training in a clinical mental health specialty.

This textbook, edited by four of the field's most widely acknowledged champions, with 20 chapters authored by 54 global leaders of the field from diverse institutions and countries, is aimed to be the definitive text of this dynamic new discipline.



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Advance Praise for Global Mental Health

"As the world moves into an era of sustainable development, spectacular reductions in mortality have encouraged radical shift in perspective - away from mere survival and towards healthy wellbeing. The post-2015 global health agenda will be shaped by a broader view of what it is to be human. Global Mental Health provides the foundation for a new vision for humanity" 

Richard Horton, FMedSci; Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet 

Table of Contents

Part 1: Principles of Global Mental Health Part 2: Practice of Global Mental Health
1. A Brief History of Global Mental Health 13. Mental Health Policy Development and Implementation
2. Disorders, Diagnosis, and Classification 14. Scaling Up Services for Mental Health
3. Culture and Global Mental Health 15. Child and Adolescent Mental Health
4. Cross-cultural Research Methods and Practice 16. Women's Mental Health
5. The Epidemiology and Impact of Mental Disorders 17. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Humanitarian Settings
6. Mental Health and the Global Health and Development Agenda 18. Stigma, Discrimination, and Promoting Human Rights
7. Social Determinants of Mental Health 19. Research Priorities, Capacity, and Networks in Global Mental Health
8. Human Security, Complexity, and Mental Health System Development 20. Generating Political Commitment for Mental Health System Development
9. Global Mental Health Resources
10. Strategies for Strengthening Human Resources for Mental Health
11. Mental Health Promotion and the Prevention of Mental Disorders
12. Interventions for Mental Disorders