Movement for Global Mental Health

The Movement for Global Mental Health is the key international advocacy network for mental health system development, established with the continuing support of The Lancet following the publication of the first Lancet Series on Global Mental Health in 2007. The Movement has proposed five priority actions: 1) global advocacy, 2) systems of development including specific care packages, 3) research promotion, 4) capacity building, and 5) monitoring of progress of countries in scaling up mental-health care. “The network of individuals and organisations committed to these goals will be at the heart of the Movement. Through the shared values and coordinated actions that harness the enormous motivation and creativity of the diverse stakeholders for mental health, the movement will seek to achieve its goals. Ultimately, we hope that substantial progress in scaling up services for people with mental disorders will take its place alongside progress in HIV/AIDS treatment and maternal and child survival as one the great public-health successes of our times.” Through an international process of selection GCMH was chosen to host the MGMH Secretariat for the next three years, 2011-2013.

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