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Radio Australia ImageBeginning in July 2013, the Global and Cultural Mental Health (GCMH) and Radio Australia began a collaboration on a new radio segment called Sound Mind. Sound Mind discusses mental health issues across the region and internationally occasionally including guest speakers. Psychologist Terry Laidler from GCMH speaks with Radio Australia host, Phil Kafcaloudes on the weekly radio segment every Tuesday at 20:30 UTC (10:30 AEST).

A/Prof Terry Laidler 

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Terry Laidler has extensive experience as a forensic psychologist working in private practice, mainly in family law, child protection and criminal jurisdictions. This led to his appointment in 2009 to chair the Victorian Mental Health Reform Council.

Terry is an Associate Professor working with GCMH at the School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. Terry was born in Melbourne and educated at Marist Brothers' College, North Fitzroy.

Ordained in 1975, he worked as Catholic Parish Priest of Parkville and Chaplain to the University of Melbourne. During this time, he presented the Pater Award winning program, Tapestry, on FOX-FM. Terry completed an Arts Degree with Honours in psychology at Melbourne University in 1978 and a Law Degree in 1992.

He resigned from the Catholic priesthood in 1987, and worked as a policy advisor on health services to older people in the Victorian Health Department, before working as the presenter of the Late Night program on Radio 3UZ. He started with ABC Radio 3LO in Melbourne in 1991, and presented the Evening Program before moving to the 3LO Drive Program at the start of 1997.

Terry left the ABC after 10 years in 2000 for RMIT where he became Associate Professor of Communications at RMIT University's Centre for International Research on Communication and Information Technologies (CIRCIT). Since 2002 he has worked as a psychologist and communications consultant. He has also presented replacement shifts on Talk 1116 3AK and presentation training for SBS Radio in Melbourne.

Terry's interest in the community is shown by the variety of his public appointments: he has chaired the Victorian Road Safety Co-ordinating Council and has consulted for the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse and the Victorian Community Council against Violence.

He has recently finished a term as Chair of the Victorian Minister for Mental Health’s Mental Health Reform Council and was also the Chair of the Smartwater Fund Independent Assessment Panel and of the Port of Melbourne Corporation Channel Deepening Project Community Liaison Group. Other recent appointments have included membership of the Adult Parole Board of Victoria, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Advisory Board for VicRoads and chairing the Victorian Environment Protection Authority's Panel advising on Melbourne Water's proposals to upgrade the Eastern Sewerage Treatment Plant. Terry has also been a member of the Boards of the Burnet Centre, the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee and the Windana Society and of the Council of the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health (Forensicare).

Sound Mind Archive

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Audio Podcast Broadcast Dates
Lights! Camera! Mental Illness?

In the February 4th Sound Mind Segment, Terry Laidler talks with Phil Kafcaloudes and Dr. Fincina Hopgood about how mental illness represented in film and television, what emotions are elicited from the viewer, how have these portrayals changes over time and what the implications of these portrayals are for mental health awareness in the community.

Feb 4 2014
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In theDec 10th Sound Mind Segment, Terry Laidler talks with Phil Kafcaloudes about obsessive compulsive disorder

Dec 10 2014
Children's Development: Temperament and Emotional Intelligence

In the November 26th Sound Mind Segment, Terry Laidler talks with Phil Kafcaloudes in the seconf part of a series on how children develop psychologically

Nov 26 2014
What are Community Mental Health Care & Support Services?

In the October 1st Sound Mind segment, Terry Laidler talks with Phil Kafcaloudes and Stewart McMullin from Mind Australia about the type of work in which a Community Mental Health Service engages.

Oct 1 2013

Children's Behaviour Problems

Terry Laidler talks with psychologist, Michael Hawton about his book: "Talk Less, Listen More-Solutions for Children's Difficult Behaviour".

Sept 10 2013

Mental Health First Aid

Terry Laidler talks with Betty Kitchener, the CEO of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). Betty and her husband Professor Tony Jorm co-founded the MHFA Program in 2000. She has facilitated the spread of the MHFA Program across Australia and to 20 other countries

Sept 3 2013

The Happiness Trap

Terry Laidler & Heather Jarvis talk with Dr Russ Harris about how it’s better to accept that life will have its psychological pitfalls and how to overcome them.

Dr Russ Harris is the author of “The Happiness Trap Pocketbook – an illustrated guide to how to stop struggling and start living”
Aug 27th 2013

Emotional First Aid

Terry Laidler talks with Dr Guy Winch about how individuals can be more resilient in the face of psychological stressors

Dr Guy Winch is the author of “Emotional First Aid: Practical Strategies for Treating Failure, Rejection, Guilt, and Other Everyday Psychological Injuries”

Aug 20th 2013

Drug Use & Law Enforcement

Terry Laidler talks with Professor Nick Crofts about how societies deal with drug abuse

Prof Nick Crofts is from the Centre for Law Enforcement & Public Health and is co-editor of “Drug Law Reform in East and Southeast Asia” available for pre-order on Amazon.
Aug 13th 2013

Addiction & Substance Use Disorders

Terry Laidler talks about how substance use disorders impact on individuals and their families

Aug 6th 2013
Mental Health & Asylum Seekers

Terry Laidler & Prof Harry Minas, GCMH Director look at the mental health issues facing asylum seekers in mandatory detention.

They address the alarming incidence of mood disorders and self-harm.

The nature of the detention régime and the social disintegration it causes are identified as exacerbating the trauma already experienced.

July 30th 2013