Strengthening Human Resources for Mental Health in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka MoUProject Director: Harry Minas, Director, GCMH

Public Sector Counterpart Organisations:

  • National Institute of Mental Health (Lead Organisation)
  • Mental Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka 

Timeline: March 2013 - December 2015 

Activity Aim

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of Provincial Health Departments, the Mental Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health, and the National Institute of Health to plan, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate a national human resources for mental health (HRMH) strategy.

Building HRMH will directly benefit people with mental illness and their families, who will have greater access to more equitably distributed mental health and psychosocial support services of improved quality. 

Component 1: Situation Analysis

  • A detailed situation analysis will be carried out to inform the development of a HRMH strategy.
  • An investigation of the training and activities of existing categories of mental health and psychosocial support workers in Sri Lanka, the settings in which they work, and the level and nature of interaction between them for the benefit of people with mental disorders
  • An examination of the current HRMH information systems at national and provincial levels, and the extent to which such information is routinely collected, analyzed and used for purposes of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Component 2: Capacity-building for HRMH

  • Key people from NIMH, the Ministry of Health, and Provincial Health Departments will receive training (in Sri Lanka and Melbourne) in HRMH planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 

Component 3: Pilot implementation of the human resources for mental health strategy

  • With counterpart organisations, will determine which aspects of the strategy are amenable to implementation within the available time and resources.
  • Mental health workers from different disciplines and working in hospitals, community clinical and rehabilitation support services will receive training along with psychosocial support workers operating in different sectors so as to promote mutual understanding of capabilities, integration and collaboration among service sectors. 

Component 4: Human resources for mental health monitoring and evaluation plan

A monitoring and evaluation plan for the strategy will be developed that draws on the WHO publication Handbook on monitoring and evaluation of human resources for health.