Mental Health in Multicultural Victoria

Following an invitation from the Victorian Mental Health Minister’s Mental Health Reform Council to establish and lead a Migrant Health Taskforce, in 2011, a recommendation was accepted by the Minister to establish a new research, education and service development network, called Mental Health in Multicultural Victoria (MHiMV).
This network of Victorian agencies constitutes a new and powerful voice for development of a Victorian mental health system that is more capable of responding to the very diverse mental health service needs of the Victorian population.

The network aims to:

  • Support implementation of Victoria’s mental health strategy;
  • Support the Victorian mental health workforce strategy by creating articulated professional development and university award programs to develop career pathways and support recruitment and retention of the best people in Victoria’s mental health and psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support services;
  • Scale up leadership development training programs;
  • Leverage current Victorian government investment in the VTPU and competitive grant funding received by GCMH by through non-state sources of service development, training and research funds; and
  • Consolidate Victoria’s position as a world leader in multicultural mental health.

MHiMV partners include:

  • Global and Cultural Mental Health (GCMH) and Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit (VTPU)
  • Foundation for Survivors of Torture (Foundation House) 
  • Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)
  • Action on Disability in Ethnic Communities
  • Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria (VicServ)
  • Mind Australia
  • Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria.

The establishment of MHiMV creates a no-cost opportunity to reconfigure the current investment in multicultural mental health in Victoria (primarily through funding of the Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit) by amalgamating VTPU and the Global and Cultural Mental Health to create a Centre for International and Multicultural Mental Health.